Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4000+ Views! And Some New News

First off, we got 4K!

Big acheivement seeing as how K'oss is the only thing on this site.

Secondly, I'm hitting sprites hard now. REAL HARD. I'm doing as many as I can and i've found the best way to keep from getting bored. Now I do other character sprites when I get tired of K'oss.

This means, more work on Aurdor and EM.

Each day (if I can keep it up), I'll be posting up a number of how many sprites I've done for that day. This will keep me from forgetting to work on them.

So far today I've done:

October, 16, 2007----29 Sprites ------

K'oss Original = 14 sprites*
K'oss Fury = 3 sprites*
K'oss Wing = 2 sprites*
K'oss HH = 1 sprite*
Aurdor (Newest version) = 3 sprites*
EM (Newest version) = 6 sprites*

*Tally subject to change until 11:59pm

To give you an idea of how long this takes...

-Converting K' to K'oss takes about 5 and a half minutes give or take 1 minute based on picture difficulty
-Converting K'oss to K'oss Fury takes about 1 and a half minutes
-Converting K'oss to K'oss Wing takes about 1 and a half minutes
-Converting K'oss to K'oss HH takes about 20 seconds
-Converting Another K' to Aurdor takes about 3 and a half minutes
Converting Vanessa to EM takes about 4 minutes

When I'm really focused, I go much faster, but these times include the downtime in between

-Creating a new wing custom pic takes about 7 minutes

....This is why I need a spriter

Monday, October 15, 2007

Version .75 Around the Corner, Important Updates.

First off, before I forget to, I gotta say thanks to a lot of people. Mainly, the people who download and play mugen (not just my character) because thanks to you guys mugen is back in effect.

I also gotta thank creators for really pushing the limits of this engine in what they can do with their characters and coding knowledge. Trying to one up certain characters keeps me constantly on my toes (which is a very good thing).

And I can't forget to thank the people who have helped me directly with this project.

Zeckle - Testing, Coding Assistance, AND A SFF THAT CAN USE PALS!!! (I kid u not)
Liger - Very indepth testing and advice
U-Division - Promoting the character
C-Division - Providing me the K sprites
Mugen-Infantry - Positive Feedback and support
MugenGuild - Ditto

And no, this isn't supposed to be a like an award speech or some bull, this is just giving thanks to those who deserve and should expect it, that is all.

Alright, lets get to it!

.75 will have a completed sprite edit! I will work as hard as a can (especially with fall break coming up) to finish editing these annoying sprites before the end of October (I want that COTM so baaaad).

Like I mentioned earlier, Zeckle has agreed to provide me with a palette-able sff for K'oss. This means a alot trust me! Each mode will have 2 palettes, the regular one, and the hold start palette.

Holding start and selecting you character will automatically put you into your desired mode (YEAH!), but you will not gain the stat bonuses that you would if you chose regularly (WAAH!)

Of course there will be new moves, I don't even have to mentioned that. Level 1 specials will be back, and 1 level 2 special for each mode.

Once you have activated a mode, you will not be able to go back into the activation process (this clears up the C button for the discharge system.)

Small AI updates, but you're gonna have to wait for v.8 for the big updates in that area.

New intros.

A teaser of the HH mode. NOTE! This will be just be regular K'oss with HH mechanics and HH sprites. This is NOT going to be the full mode, just a little teaser to show you how he handles.

TBR OCTOBER 2007! If you like it, don't be afraid to vote in COTM at MI!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

v.74 HAS ARRIVED!!! Wait.... What?

Yeah I know, it's not v.75, but it's close. I am very tired right now due to chemistry and a lack of sleep. I will update you on the meaning of v.74 tomorrow probably. For now, just enjoy the char.

Downlaod K'oss

Now i can get some sleep. Thanks for downloading and supporting.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Get Ready, v.75 is About to DROP! Pre-Release Statement


"Version 7.5? What about the version 8 that you have talked so much about?"

Yeah, I can imagine that most of you are thinking that, but don't worry, this release has more than enough to constitute for a new version, trust me. My original plan was to release every thing pre-v1.0 in a .x scale, (x being consecutive counting integers, no halves, no fractions). Thats just a fancy way of saying, I wanted to release it all at once. But after remaking my "release-to-do-list" I saw that this was impossible.

Why? Simple, I made a lot of promises without a good foundation. I promised that HH form would at least be available in v.8, I promised that the new costume system would be in effect as well, and I also promised to have a fleshed out A.I.

None of these have been completed for this release (well, the A.I. is better, but not evil-ryu-esque). So what is done? THE FOUNDATIONS!!!

After playing K'oss a lot (yes, I started to actually PLAY mugen again) I noticed a lot of things that should have been fix 3 or 4 releases ago. And I was still going to leave them just out of a laziness! There is something to be said about redoing old moves, I never feel like it.

But, for the sake all who play with/against my char, I have redone a lot in this release. I have fixed tons of bugs (can't say all because there will always be bugs) and I have given the players an actual reason to be excited about the equip system.

In the last release, I really brought the equip system to forefront with the vid I made of it. And it was postively critiscized (rightly so). The problem was, "What was the point?" And to be honest, beside from the equip benefits and a couple of extra moves, there really wasn't one. This has changed drastically. I will wait for my release post to go into more detail, but just know that whatever mode you choose this time around will really affect your style of play.

Probably the most important accomplishment of this release is the number of attacks that I have added. You really can't have an equip system without making tons of attacks to vary each style. I have 2 more moves to make before I release him, but as of now... K'oss v.75 has 18 more attacks than K'oss v.7. Yeah, get ready to combo.

Speaking of combos, K'oss is now an aerial threat. With 8 new combo-able air attacks, 4 more setters (think volleyball, setters hit opponents into to air to start combo attacks), a new and improved "air_pressence" ability, and a much more improved air cyclone, K'oss is just as dangerous from above as he is on the ground.

But back to the equip systems. There may be 18 more attacks this time around, but the equip abilities will prove to be just as important. These ones, I can at least explain.


Wing's Abilities:

Flying - This was already there, but it has been nerfed a little bit. Kinda like Kirby from ssmb/m, The flying effect will decrease with every sucsessive burst. Until you hit the ground, then its back to full

Quick Teleport - Once in the wing mode, teleportation will become much quicker, making it all the more deadly.

Wing Counter - While blocking, you may extend your wing and counter hard, for the price of 1/2 special bar of course. Use the equip key, the dodge key will roll.

Prolonged Sidesteps - All sidesteps/dodges have been prolonged to make them more usefull (seriously, if you get used to it, it becomes seconds nature).

Attack Bonus - With the wing equipped, K'oss' attack goes up to 10%, 2.5% higher then last time around

Defense Bonus
- With the wing equipped, K'oss' defense goes up to 7.5%.

Power Recovery - All modes have been granted a power recovery rate. Wing modes is the highest.

Shield's Abilities:

Energy Shield - By holding the dodge button, K'oss will bring out his energy shield. He is nearly impervious to damage in this mode. It drains special and will only last as long as it covers his body (it shrinks). Another Smash tribute.

Shielded Teleportation - K'oss will have a very short period of protection after teleporting. Good for getting in close to the opponent.

Pushout Counter - Not really a counter, more like "GIMME SOME SPACE, BEOTCH" Haha, sorry for that outburst, typing this is taking a long time. Alright, the pushout counter will just launch a quick shield and push the enemy back in mid attack. This will give some much needed space. 1/4 special cost, no real damage done. Use the equip key, the dodge key will roll.

Defense Bonus - With the Shield equipped, K'oss' defense goes up to 20%. 5% more then in the last release. Making him much harder to kill.

Fury's Abilities:

Hit Pausing - If you're a coder, I don't even need to explain this, but I will anyway. Simply, with Fury Equipped, K'oss will add his own pausetime to every attack (a paustime that he can move through). It's not long at all, but long enough to make countering a little easier.

Athleticism...? - Fury mode runs faster and jumps higher then any other mode

Fire Teleportation - Yes, it's back. The super cheap fire teleportation that K'oss used back in v.5. Well, it has been altered to make it not cheap. It still takes special, and it doesn't more the opponent anywhere, it just deals a very small amount of damage and gives about 4 gameticks of time.

Ignition - While blocking, use the equip button to ignite yourself, and your opponent for a cost of 1/2 special bar.

Attack Bonus - K'oss + Fury Equip = 15% attack bonus. +15% attack bonus + Fury Equip Combo-ing ability = Deadly!!!

Discharge - Aaaaah, not ready yet, will be in 7.6! I promise.

As you can see, there is a lot to be said in this release, but there some things that you wont see in this releas that you have seen before.


All things you see in this list have been changed from in this release.


Air striker in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button
Air cyclone(a & b) in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button
Air Punisher
in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button
Air Roll
in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button

All Kise attacks have been given a "D, B, F, (attack key)" variation to make them easier to preform.

D, DB, B, a has been remapped for a smash attack. Air pressence is still completable by using D, U

Re-area has been removed, this counter will be upgraded and given to HH mode

Air pressence has been removed and given only to Wing mode

All Hypers have been changed. They all require double buttons now. I did this to discourage using them. They have not been changed at all in over 2 versions. I really want to work on it, but that will come later

Rejuvination mode has been removed for now (it will have a special purpose in the Discharge Release)

Rolling is back, but it can only be done while dodging/blocking and after falling.


Due to the fact that the costume change is not in effect yet, here are some ways to tell the differences (know what K'oss your fighting).

In unequipped form, it's near impossible, but that wont matter. Just know that your fighting K'oss.

Wing Mode - Purple energy flashes, embers have been changed to purple, All Fire Is Now Purple (took forever). Flying ability. Block has purple shield.

Shield Mode - Orange energy flashes, Shield flashes on and off. Block has shield.

Fury mode - Fire around at all times. Screen shakes. Screen flashes. Red flashes. Flame burst around. Double the amount of embers. Has more fire on all of his firebased attacks.


Eh, this post is long enough as it is. I will have the complete attack list and bug fix list along with the release. I will also have my plans for the next few releases. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing (or more, hopefully more). Enjoy the new version when he comes. Which should be tomorrow at the latest.

I'll make a new video too, but that may have to wait until the weekend (I have a TON of homework)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Not much to say

I've been away for a bit, trust me, I know. But college classes and college parties are a whole new time consumer. I really haven't done too much work on K'oss since my last post concerning the spriting progress, but that is about to change. I've gauged my work load, work hours, and party time (I love my schedule), and I still have to fit some some good ole Mugen programming in there as well. I guess my little week long hiatus is over and its time to go back to work, in moderation.

Aside from that, I think I may have found a potential spriter, but I wont count my chickens before they hatch or w/e that's supposed to mean. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress and devolopements as best as I can.

On a side note, I was on National TV! (well, hasn't everyone been at some point?). Vanderbilt vs Richmond (yeah, not on espn's top priority, but w/e), when t he class of 2011 rushed out, I was one of the first one's out the gate with my yellow commodore wig and full gold body paint. It was pretty sick to say the least.


Friday, August 24, 2007

New Videos, Spriting over 70% completed.

Well, 2 main things. I found out my very first version of Burn, so I made a retro vid of him. Cool right? And I announced that I will be redoing him (but he's a private char so email me if you want him when he comes out). And I made a video of K'oss v0.7 fighting against some hard enemies.

No, its not the most recent K'oss, but it's the most recent one that I have avaliable for download. V0.8 is still a good bit away from completion (stupid sprites).

Well, here are the vids. Enjoy. Oh, and the reason why the audio/video quality is low is because Fraps stopped working for winmugen for me. So i needs ta fix dat. HyperCam just ain't cuttin it.

Comment Count... 1, BOUT TIME.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

K'oss Hits the BackBurner for a bit, Work on Aurdor and EM Picks up Again.

Well, if you read the post under this, you probably thought "cool, that should work." Buuuuut, it seems that a number of highly downloaded characters that are made in the image of a certain CVS game tend to put their opponent into their own state after each attack. I'm guessing this is to make it more accurate in the game.

Now this would not affect me because I don't have many of these characters, but it's not about me. If it was then I wouldn't be releasing my char would I? Well, until I can resolve how I want to do this (may use some tricky stuff with helpers), my focus on K'oss is shifted to EM and Aurdor.

Both of which are in also in the sprit edit stage (BOOOORING), but it must be done. These characters wont be just like K'oss and should take about 15% of the time K'oss is taking to finish.
That is because the K'oss that I am making for you guys is K'oss unleashed, and will be a boss in my mugen game, Dark Area.

The playable K'oss is toned down alot. I'm still debating on whether or not to release Aurdor and EM. The'll be in the mugen game regardless, but i know some people would want them in their own mugen.

Well either way, I have to work on these chars eventually, so that's what I'm doing at the moment. In case you've forgotten, this is how they look.

I'm not two-toning Aurdor. His pants will match his shirt. Too much work for that. EM is just like K'oss. Shoe edit, color edit, hair edit, glove edit, and a form of face edit (shades). These, unless I do something stupid, are final. These are how these characters look now, and will look.

Expect a little vid of EM and Aurder sometime in the near future. And Expect a post explaining "DARK AREA" sometime even sooner.

I'll say it for the sake of saying it, feel free to comment.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Palette Change as it was Intended to Be

Nowadays, just a bout all mugen characters have multiple palettes (besides from K'oss from yours truly), but how many of them actually change more then just the color scheme when you switch what costume your using? Well? How many? Because I have no idea, but I can tell you, it's not a lot.

That is why I decided to go the extra mile in designing K'oss so that the different equip modes really do take up a personallity of their own. This always fits in with K'oss' schizo nature in my comic in the sense that each equip will not only fight differently and move differently, but also look unique.

The candidates are above, and this one below is the HH (also a candidate but this mac that I'm on is screwin with me and not letting this one go up there with the others).

Starting from left to right:

- Sheild Equip: Or what we know as regular K'oss. Simple and clean. Fights very defensively compared to the other. Lacking a bit in speed. Hit A to activate the mode. This is K'oss as we've known him for sometime now. So I changed nothing.

- Sevin's Wing Equip: This was the second equip made for K'oss. Faster than Zodiac, and Sheild and great at recharging special. Good mix of offense and defense. Only equip that can fly. Hit B to activate this mode. The long-spikeless-hair resembles my comic's K'oss when he is in a calmer state of mind.

- Kaotic Fury Equip: Fast, powerful, and extremely chainable. This equip hits hard. As far as power is concerned it's king (unless you get luck and bring out the SkyScrapper with Zodiac Equip). Only downside is it doesn't add too many unique attacks. It's just for raw power and speed. Hit C to active this mode. I went with a crazier hairstyle for this one to match the fury fighting style. Hard and Fast.

- Whip Equip: Fastest of all the equips and also the hardest to code. My plan is to make its "C" charge as similar to sheiks chain attack from ssmbm. Hard? Yeah, i know, but I can do it. This equip (when coded), along with the HH equip, will offer the most diverstiy in attacks. Hit X to activate this mode. Can K'oss even see with all that hair? Who cares, he doesn't have too.

- Zodiac Equip: Differnt from other equips because the activation will bring out a random weapon (1 choice of 3) that will differ in attack and moves (even more diversity? what is this the UN?). If, by luck, the Zodiac SkyScraper is released, attack quickly, because you wont have long before it consumes. ZSS has insane attack power. Essentially sheild equip with metal armguards.

And that will do it for equips. Comment if you like the ideas or think i should change something. These designs aren't final, but I dont want them to be too complex (too much work). However, I wont be adding any more equips, these 6 will be more then enough.

Well once again, feel free to comment or e-mail me at wavebossa13@gmail.com

*I typed this on a mac, so firefox wouldn't spell for me. Excuse any errors.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Face Game

Well, Despite getting alot done with K'oss Sprites, I also drew up 2 more pics to add the "K'oss Portrait" Fray. I have posted them up on mugenguild (regardless of how much they hated me last year, its still a good site), and I will post them up on Mugen-Infantry when I get the chance.

But of course, I have to post them here as well. Well, I'll just copy the post I made at Mugenguild cuz I'm in a lazy mooood right now.


If you have my char, you've prolly realized that he has no face graphic. Yeah, that's lazy, I know. But I can't decide which one to color and make the face portrait. So... this is where I need your help.

Click here for full pic

Click here for full pic

Click here for full pic

Click here for full pic

These four pics are in order of when they were drawn, and none of them took over 30 mins (the second only took 5, but I still like it). I know the drawing style on each of them is quite different, but thats the good thing about making a portrait for an 8bit pixelatted character, you have room to experiment.

Keep in mind, I will color the one that you choose, so level of detail isn't too big of an issue. The first one is more like the K'oss form my comic, and doesn't have the "horn-type-hairstyle." The second one, is more of an amiable portrayal of K'oss. The third one is how I draw issue covers, very over-exaggerated (eyes, viens, shading, width of mouth, tongue, teeth, hair). And the last one is a calm, focused, K'oss (i used a very "sketchy" drawing style for that one).

I had one more, but it was my realistic type, and... it sucked. So there, I dont feel like drawing any more K'oss pics ATM, so tell me what you think out of these four.

Thanks in advance for your time.


For the official thread I made on mugenguild, go here

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well Still Looking For a Spriter

Today is a good day. I have arrived on college campus, a bit early I might add, and I have put away my comic once again to work on K'oss. As you could have guessed, I spend the past 4 or so weeks focused on my comic and not on K'oss so his progress has been minimal to none.

But do not fear, I am back on the ardous task of sprite editing. I have found away to make K'oss sprite file on mcm and not have worry corrupt sprites. This way is actually a rather LOONG walk-around that will eventually lead to K'oss' sprite file being around 20-30mbs. Oh well, its 2007, we have big hard drives, we can deal with it.

I have decided that working on the modes and AI will be all I will do for v0.8. This may seem like it's not much, but trust, it will be. I can't put down I release date yet, but hopefully, I can make a lot of progress before classes start.

On an unrelated note (but pertaining to the title of the post), I am in desperate need of a spriter. Not that I cannot do it myself (I actually enjoy doing it, just not doing the same thing over 700 times!), but, in order for me to be able to release the "DARK AREA" mugen game that I plan on making, I need to speed up my character development.

If you have any interest in aiding yours truly with some seriously BA character designs send me an e-mail at Wavebossa13@gmail.com

Or if you have any other mugen skillz and want to help I-Division grow to what it once was (only mugen related this time around) then send me an e-mail and we'll go from there.

Or, you could just comment. Come on, you would be the first, ever, on this site, ever.... DO IT! >:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where I-Division is, and Where I Plan to Take It

As all of you already know, I am Wavebossa, the leader of I-Division. As most of you don't know but probably could have guessed, I am working solo ATM. I-Division is part of a whole, ICU Gigasoft, a little organization my friends and I started in 2004 to make role playing games off of rpg maker (we were pretty avid rpg fans), but things never really took off the way we wanted.

Back then, our flagship project was Da Runna (working title). It was a revolutionary game that used the rpg maker 2k3 system to make a racing game. I-Division headed the project, and in turn it was my job to make sure everything went according to plan. Back then I-Division was a solid 4 members strong, and ICU Gigasoft as a whole was reaching double digits (9 to be exact). I put a lot of work into that project (insanly hard to program custom racing AI, making ALL the character designs, and making the GUI).

Unfortunately our plan never came to fruition. We were eventually beaten by the limitations of rpg maker 2k3 (In race speed changing, key input processes overriding other events, etc, etc). After DA Runna failed, we lost momentum, and our team members no longer wanted to work on other projects. Before we knew it, ICU gigasoft was down to its 4 core members. Since then, we have evolved to suit our individual specialties. While C-Division and U-Division specialize greatly in RPG maker, I have personally taken upon myself to switch I-Division's main focus to mugen.

This doesn't mean that I do not work on work on other things like my comic and from time to time, rpg games. But it is very hard to make an rpg game by yourself, especially if you have grand designs like myself.

So what is the point of this post? It bascially comes down to this. This is a recruitment call.

What Am I looking For?
-Persons who are well versed in the world of Mugen (coding tips and such)
-Capable Sprite Editors
-Advisors for upcoming projects

I'm a pretty straightforward worker and I enjoy doing things solo, but at the same time, you can only perfect a project through other's advice and input. If anyone who reads this becomes interesting, we can discuss this further.

E-mail me at wavebossa13@gmail.com if interested, and thanks for your time.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Whats new in 0.8?

Well, at this stage, it seems pretty obvious that I am not going to release an update this week for time reason. Now that I'm working again I have had less time to devote to K'oss, but that doesn't mean that I haven't gone back to the drawing board now and again.

When I do release version 0.8, you can be sure that it will be big. Why? Because in this release I will define K'oss' fighthing style once and for all. What does this mean you may ask? Well i'll explain. We all know what to do when we're using evil ken right? There's a certain smoothness in his combos that flows from hit to hit. This is something that K'oss is lacking and I want to bring that feeling back to my character.

In addition to that, I want to make each an every equip feel distinct and special. Not only moves but mechanics as well. I know that this is vague, but at this time I do not have to much to offer.

However, there will be a new equip avaliable in version 0.8 that will blow all the other ones away (i hope). Any fans of kingdom hearts 2 should like it...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

K'oss is back again, and Equiped to Brawl

Well, I said Saturday, and now its Sunday, but I have a good excuse. K'oss has a corrupt sff that only shows one palette to be shown (that's what I get for still using MCM :P). I was working on completely redoing the ssf when I realized that some pcx files were corrupt as well. Long story short, I lost a lot of time and I am still working on that problem.

But enough of that, let me tell what's new in this version and what I still have yet to do.

NEW Modes:

Equip Bonuses (watch the video to find out what those are)
Shield Orb Equip - Makes K'oss take less damage. Also gives ability for more moves
Sevin's Wing Equip - Makes K'oss gather energy faster, and take slightly less damage. Also gives ability for more moves
"Transformation" Equip - Makes K'oss faster, stronger, but no new attacks ATM


Wing Bash - HCF + a (SW Equip only)**
Wing Slice - QCB + x (SW Equip only)
Air Striker 2 - QCF + b in air (SW Equip only)
Air Striker 2 - QCF + b in air (SO Equip only)
Power Punch Shield - QCB + x (SO Equip only)
Scythe - HCF + b**
WindBash - HCF + y**
Kicking Combo - QCF + x

** = takes 500 power


-Removed his auto roll. May add again when I can fix it
-Changed Transformation into a mode
-Gave SW mode flying ability
-Fixed AI restart at the end of the round
-Gave AI auto mode after loosing a round
-Fixed Mash Punch Infinite
-Added Transparency to the fire explod (thank you a lot on this one)
-Fixed left behind images on Phantom Attacks
-Fixed the state change on "The Impossible"
-Made the Teleportation look a lot cooler, but take 1/4 of a special bar
-Fixed "La Furia" special... well somewhat
-Fixed AI stupidity after death
-Added Freakin Clsn boxes so that he can hit (dont ask me why it took so long to do this)


-Make hypers look cool
-Make Air combos
-Make a more human-like AI
-Make crouching Attacks (lol)
-Make an intro and winning pose (i'm absent minded)
-Make The whip mode (this will take a looooooong time)
-Make a sprite file that is NOT corrupt
-Add Palettes
-Finish making moves
-And many many more

Here are some pics as well

And finally, the Download can be found at the about K'oss Tab on the side.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New K'oss Video Revealing The Equip System

Well, It has been in the planning stages for a while, but I always K'oss to be a varied character. This is how I plan on doing it. In this video, I thoroughly explain the basics of equipped powers and how the effect gameplay. My Goal is to make K'oss a character that can be very varied depending on how you fight.

Also, In the video I showcase Demon Orb and a couple of high tier kise attacks. All of these will be available in Saturday's release. Happy Viewing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I've Done Thus Far

If you downloaded K'oss (and I hope you did) you undoubtedly noticed that this character was really laking in the completion area. So why did I release him? Simple, I have been sitting on this character for too long and I realized that the only way to motivate me to finish him was to release him, see the feedback and work to change him. So that's exactly what I did.

I have to thank (SOS)Liger over at MugenInfantry for giving me a thorough list of all that is wrong with K'oss. So with the comprehensive starting point, I went to work and this is what I've done so far:

-Fixed Mash Punch Infinite
-Added Transparency to the fire explod (thank you a lot on this one)
-Fixed left behind images on Phantom Attacks
-Fixed the state change on "The Impossible"
-Made the Teleportation look a lot cooler, but take 1/4 of a special bar
-Fixed "La Furia" special... well somewhat
-Fixed AI stupidity after death
-Added Freakin Clsn boxes so that he can hit (dont ask me why it took so long to do this)
-Added an alternate "AirStrike" attack for the weak button

There's more but I can't think of them at the moment. And all this I did last night. I don't have work today so I will try to do a lot of coding with the free time I have. This way Saturday's release will be something special.

As always, feel free to comment.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Already Hard at Work for Saturday's Release

Well the title says it all. I have been hard at work going off of the positive critique that I got from Mugen Infantry and I have fixed a lot of K'oss' bugs. I have fixed so much that I want to release him again right now :) But You will have to wait until Saturday to see what I have done

You can put away the defibulators, I'm not dead.

Last Post April 18.... well just to let you know these last few months have been hard work. Finishing school, taking some advanced summer courses for college, yada yada yada. But now I can get back to one of my favorite hobbies, mugen.

So I bet your thinking, "Wave, you've been away for a long time, you better have something good now that your back." Well, I do have a little something I guess...

K'OSS HAS BEEN RELEASED... sorta. But he is out and completely legal. The only thing is that some (most) of the sprites are still looking more like K because I haven't finished the edit yet. But that will be done, and instead of just sitting on such a great character, why not share him with the world?

Download him Here

Well this is what I will do. I will release a new K'oss update every Saturday until he is complete. Sound good? Great. Expect a more detailed post later on today. And when you download him, make sure that you read the readme, that will answer a great deal of questions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For once, I actually have a good excuse

Well, today is the 18th, well past the 16th and you're probably wondering, "where is he? Where is K'oss?" Well when it became crunch time, I really did hit it, HARD. And now, I have paid the price. I stayed awake for a looooong time (over 33 hours) in an attempt to finish editing all 752 sprites that needed to be complete before the 16th. I crahsed, and I burned. Around 400 sprites into it I got really sick missed school, soccer, and of course, my release date. I'm feeling better now, but those days out of school have come with an absurd amount of makeup work, and the days away from the field have made me rusty and fatigued.

So what does that mean for K'oss? It means that I still have around 30 hours of work left to put in on this character and I can't garuntee that I'll have time every day to do this. Few things would make me happier than releasing this character and working on my other projects, but I do not want to make another improbable deadline. I will just have to work at a steady pace until the sprites are done. I will also have to put all my other characters on hiatus and work on this sole project. I feel like I've let some people down, especially myself. But I intend on fixing that problem by getting this done, no matter what it takes.

Friday, April 13, 2007

3 Days Left: It's Crunch Time!

As you know, today is Friday the 13th, and that means.......... that there's only 3 days left
until I release K'oss (and you thought I was going to say something superstitious). Well, let me break it down for you all, I haven't done CRAP as far as sprites in 2 weeks! In other words, it's crunch. I have completed the hair edit for all the sprites, so that leaves the pants, shoes, arm, and glove to edit on about 700 pics. Since today is basically over, I have 2 days (48 hours) to edit 700+ plus pics, granted that sleep and a social life are not factors this weekend.

But I know I can do it. I know I can pull this off. Like I said, it's Crunch Time!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

4 Days Left: The Countdown Continues

With only 4 days left until K'oss scheduled release, I think it goes without saying that I really have to get busy. Unfortunately, it seems like everything possible will get in my way before I can release this character. For the past 2 days I have been sick (headache, vomiting, the works), and now I am swamped with makeup work among other things. Well, at least I have the weekend to work, and to pull this off I'm going to need every minute of it (goodbye weekend plans).

A Little Secret about K'oss - To activate K'oss' more powerful mode, you must be greater then you opponent is every aspect. Only then can you call upon the power of the Kise to transform yourself. You'll see what this means later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5 Days Until Release: The 5 Days of Total K'oss

Today is the April the 11th, 5 days away from the 16th. Each an every one of these days, I will release something related to K'oss whether it be youtbue videos, pictures, or coding secrets. In addition to this, I will also write a little bit about the history of K'oss and he got his name. I may even release a bit of comic later, who knows? With soccer and school consuming all of my time, the release is still looking improbable. But I have a good feeling that I can pull this off.

The First Day of K'oss: The Story of Kirill

Some of you might be wondering, "What or who exactly is K'oss? You talk about him being one of the main characters in your comic but that doesn't really mean anything for someone who has never read it."
Well it's time for me to fix this problem by releasing some info on K'oss and my comic. If you have ever read Bleach or played Kingdom Hearts, you might find some similarities with those two and my comic. While the similarities aren't great, they are there. In my comic, the world (modern) is divided into 3 continents: One ruled directly by royalty, another under the supervision of Dark Area (special task force under royal command), and the other ruled by anarchy.
Without going too much into the politics between the continents, I can tell you that K'oss (Kirill Korolyóv) was one of the greatest warrior to come through Dark Area. He was also one of the original Kage 10 (the 10 most powerful fighters in Dark Area). The greatest honor for a member of the Kage 10 was to be named The "Amatsu Guard" and to serve the royal family. The General (Head of Dark Area at the time) had chosen Kirill (before was known as K'oss) for this great honor. Kirill rejected this offer when it was later bestowed upon him for his own personal reason. The only reason he did this was because...

And that's all for today, If your interested check back tomorrow to read more about the history of K'oss.

On a side note, I changed to the top pic if you didn't already notice. Feel free to comment on it. I really should make that image randomize itself.

Monday, April 9, 2007

April 16 Release Date? Is it Possible?

Well nothing is impossible, but things are improbable, and this is one of them. But I made a promise, and since it's not impossible then I have to try my best to meet it. Let me break things down for you as far as what I've done and what I need to do. I'll do this in the form of a hypothetical FAQ (I love these)

Q: You keep on talking about updates, but the K'oss I downloaded has none of these moves. Why is that?
A: Simple, I have refused to update that download until the next release. After that one, I will be sure to release far more frequently.

Q: What is really stopping you from releasing your character?
A: Well, really just the sprites and the A.I. are the biggest problem, but the bugs are too prevelant to release my character just yet.

Q: Explain the Sprite problem once again please?
A: Certainly. Originally I used Nao's sprites for my character. But that was wrong and I couldn't release a character like that. So now I am working on redoing the sprites with K' as my foundation.

Q: What's with K'oss' rolling/invincible stat?
A: Working on it. It will make more sense when I'm done.

Q: Teleportation is cheap.
A: That's not a question, but yes it is. Or at least it was. I have already fixed that problem thankfully.

Q: What should we expect in this release?
A: Aside from K'oss, you can expect 2 very very early character W.I.P. releases. Aurdor and EM.

Well that's all for now, expect a full detailed update before the release.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I Should Be Ashamed: Production Update

Well, it's true, I should be. I don't want to use the overused "Well I've been busy expression," but, I have been busy. I had a soccer tournament and other things to take care of so yeah, i haven't posted in a while. I really will try to get back on schedule and post regularly (Everyday) like I used to do.

But, my absences does not mean that I have not been working diligently to bring K'oss and a new character to the forefront. That's right, I began work on a new character and developments is moving smoothly. Once again, she is another character from my comic that I will make off of a snk sprite. I was going to make Aka but I decided that Elektra Melantha (Greek for "Dark Flower of Lighting or something like that) would be a much more interesting and possible character to make. It really makes no difference if you haven't read my comic so just know this:

- This character will be electricricity based, (similar to Aurdor, but to a farther extent) and as quick as K'oss. I am using Vanessa from King of Fighters 2003 for the sprites. This is a pic of the edit so far, not too different but the original but I like it.

Expect another post later on today detailing what I've done with K'oss this past week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Whole Week Without a Post? Wont Happen Again

Once again, if it counts for anything, I have been extremely busy with multiple things including but not limited to my mugen chars. So let me inform you on the current status all of my creations to as of today.

K'oss (85-90% Ready for Release - 75-80% Complete Overall)
-The Sprites are almost complete, added a few new attacks, added a couple of specials.

Burn (50-60% Complete Overall)
- Still redoing the sprites to get rid of that annoying sprite discoloration problem

Aurdor (20-30% Complete Overall)
- Still working on the sprites

WindWaker (5-10% Complete Overall)
- Still making the sprites

- Still in conceptual stage

- Still in conceptual stage

So as you can see, I have been going crazy the past few weeks editing sprites because all of my characters are in that stage in some way or another. In addition to that I am working on 2 rpg2k3 games (1 solo and one with C-Division and U-Division), and my comic. Those alone are enough to take up all my time, but when you throw having a life in there, things get delayed.

That is why I must say, very sadly and apologetically that I cannot come through on the late march release of K'oss, but I am positive that I can have him ready no later than April 16th.
I'll try my best to keep this promise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Day wasted, Somewhat

Well, I didn't get any work today, but I have a good reason. I was hard at work installing vista, 5 TIMES. I kept installing and reinstalling it trying to choose between the two versions that I bought, Ulitmate and Ultimate 64-bit. When it came down to it, I decided to stay with the 32-bit version due to driver complications.

Now that I'm back and finished installing all my old programs again, I have to say that it is SWEEEEET. But there is one mugen related bug, I can't get fullscreen to work in winmugen, yet. Well, there is still some time left in the day, so back to work I go.

Monday, March 19, 2007

K'oss, You Sure Have a Come a Long Way

NAO, then K'oss , restart with K , and release the new K'oss (UR)

Although the sprite edit is not finished yet, I think I have finally decided on the route that I want to take with K'oss. Even though the Nao version of K'oss looks more like the K'oss from my comic, I had to completely scrap those sprites. First of all, they weren't mine, and secondly I knew that no matter how much work I put into K'oss, he would never get full recognization due to those sprites.

So, after very little deliberation, I called a friend of mine, had him rip K's sprites (I owe you man) and began work again. Now that he is made off of K, the only people I owe credit (besides my friend) are the good people at snk and the makers of mugen/mugen related tools.

Now, the only thing left is to complete these hundreds of sprite edits, release K'oss, and let his A.I. handle the rest.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sprites Have Been Ripped

Sorry for the long downtime inbetween post (I will try my best to make sure that this does not happen again), but it has been another very busy week for me. Now that I am officially on break, I can say that it's time to get to work. A friend of mine has done me a great favor and ripped K's sprites from a "King of Fighters" game (probably 2003, I can't remember).

This means that I can finally start the long and arduous process of making K'oss legal. No matter how long it takes, I will finish modding those sprites and make a fully downloadable K'oss a reality.

Monday, March 12, 2007

2 New Vids Feat. Aurdor

Just up 2 new vids today. Both of them have Aurdor (10%) complete and they both have the non-sprite edited K'oss. If you read the post I just made earlier, you will see that I am planning on taking a whole new route with K'oss' sprites.

About The Equiption Shield
One of K'oss' features will be the ability to change equiptions during battle (real-time-weapon change!!!!). One will be the shield and the other will be the whip. I may ad more, but as of now this is the game plan. The shield is almost impenetrable at the moment, but it is a special meter hog. It is not finished, but expect another shield based special attack in the near future.

Sevin's Lunatis and Moon Embers
These are the only 2 shield based specials I have now, and they are both derived from my comic. I expect to add more on both of these specials, but having the base coding down is a good start. The Moon Embers (second special) was annoying to code and involves over 216 projectiles. In order for it to work, you have to go to mugen.cfg and change the maxprojectile per player limit to at least 250 to be safe. Doing it Big.

In my comic, they are rivals; in mugen, Aurdor gets worked. He only has 10 attacks thus far but expect him to be the evil ryu to Reu's evil ken. He will be good, trust me, but that's all I want to say about him for now.

Go on YouTube and search for K'oss to find some more vids (some by me, some by others).

As always, feel free to comment.

Time to Drop a Burden

Today, March 12 2007, I have decided to drop the burden of Nao's sprites completely. I will rip K's sprites and mod them instead. This will take away all the stigma associated with K'oss and the bad rep that he keeps on getting. This will take some time, so until then, just bear with me. I have had worse setbacks before.

To be honest, I am looking forward to this. The first thing that anyone notices on a character like K, Nao, or Another K is their face. Besides from this, they are very similar. So with that being said, I will try my best to make a new face for K'oss to match the new look that I have been working on thus far. This will make the release that much better.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Production Update 1

I don't know about you, but this has been an extremely busy week for me. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself away from other commitments this weekend and get back to work on K'oss. After watching 300 I was even further inspired to make K'oss the more brutal, and relentless. This is a jist of what I have done this weekend at the time of this post.

-The Cheapness of Teleportation - I made teleportation take 100 special and require a longer downtime
-Energy Shield - Fixed that whole mess of incomplete coding
-High Crush - Fixed the falling part after the completion of that move
-K'oss No longer carries out his phantom attacks if the initial attack is blocked.

Still In Progress:
-Sprite Mod - I don't expect this to be done anytime soon
-The Impossible - I'm still working on making the mid air slam look better.
-Whip Cyclone Special (nonChaotic) - This attack is basically done, but I wont add it until I make the whip equipable.
-Air and Crouching Attacks - If you have used K'oss you've probably noticed that he does not have any crouching attacks and very few air attacks. Currently rectifying that
-Combo Finishers -
These are strange because I don't really think I need them. I made 2 but I don't like them to much. I may delete them and add something in their place
-More Combos - As of now, K'oss has 4 different melee combinations. These are what make him a quick fighter. I plan on having 12 by the next release
-The Whip - A lot to do on this, but making gradual progress


-Sevin's Lunatis (Chaotic?) - This attack comes right from my Comic and is not originally one of K'oss' attacks. This is the only special I have so far that comes out of the Energy Shield. I haven't decided whether or not to call this one Chaotic and make a weaker one or call this one nonChaotic and make a stronger Chaotic version
-Air Cyclone (nonhyper version) - Added two versions of this. There could be an infinity loop when using this attack, but only if your opponent really sucks.
-Back Attacks - Just a variation of the regular attacks when you hold back. Useful because if blocked that give you good separation from your opponent.

To Do List:
Too long to even begin to write. But right now, the biggest monsters I have facing me are the sprite (easy, just VERY time consuming), and his A.I. Once I finish those, I will most likely release an 85% done K'oss if not more.

Sorry for being silent for three days but at least now you know that I was hard at work.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Not Much To Say

Today has been a long day, and not too productive. As far as K'oss devolopment, I have done nothing worth mentioning (meaning nothing at all). I did however, recode 2 of Burn's attacks (like I said, unproductive day).

Well, I know full well that days like this come and go when your working on a project, but I don't intend on leaving you guys without something. I have some unreleased pictures of sprite edits that I have completed for Burn (quite some time ago).

Now you know, that even on slow days, I never let you guys down. Feel Free to comment! Anything you say, positive or negative, (for the most part) is appreciated!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The W.I.P Whip

I am was going through all of K'oss' and sprites and editing them when I realized that I had multiple unused pics ranging from dodges to attacks. The most interesting of these were the whip pictures. Some of the were including in sff that has already been released, but whip attacks have yet to included K'oss' vast collection of attacks.

As of now, I am debating whether to add the whip attacks to this release or just slate them for a later release. The whip idea was from my comic, but the whip looks much different when drawn pixel by pixel in neopaint. The whip design is still up in the air, but, most likely, I will just add a whip special and leave the whip attacks for a later release. Well, back to modding. Feel Free to leave a comment.

Note* Sorry for the late post, I had a soccer game and a lot of homework. I will try to post everyday if possible, but post times may vary.

Monday, March 5, 2007

A Brand New K'oss



As I have already stated, I plan to make some mods to K'oss' sprites to better match the K'oss from my manga/comic. This just displays a juxtaposition of Naox's Nao and My K'oss. Similar? Yes. Identical? Only if your blind. To be honest, Nao looked very similar to K'oss (comic version) and there wasn't much to change.

Right now, I'm more concerned with creating new pics (action poses) and new moves for K'oss. It this ends up being the final sprite mod I do for K'oss, so be it, but you can expect that his coding is nowhere near finished. I think I'll post a production update every Saturday. Feel free to comment.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Controversy Is over, K'oss is back.

After a 5 month hiatus, I decided to revive the red-hair-red-eye-monster that shows no mercy in mugen. Before I go into production details, I thought that I would give you guys a little K'oss History.
K'oss started off as one of the main enemies in my manga/comic but then when I got bored with Burn (other mugen char), I decided to bring K'oss into the mugen universe.

When I decided to make a mugen version of K'oss, I did not want to make my own sprites from scratch. I was not being lazy, I was just sick of pixel by pixel editing on my other chars and getting no where. Instead of making my own sprites I used the sprites from Nao and edited the palette to match my character. This worked out well because Nao looked almost identical to K'oss. The controversy arouse when I put my a beta of my character up on mugenguild to find out that Nao was not just another a snk character but an actual sprite edit (ouch). Long story short, I was banned and my character was flamed to no end. Fustrated, I put K'oss on hiatus and continued to work on burn until I searched the web and found some interesting You-tube videos. People had comments that were praising my character and inquiring about his maker. As a result of the positive response, I took K'oss off hiatus and plan to release a new "unleashed" version sometime this month.

I think it is VERY important that I clarify some things about K'oss:

1) All the coding is original (If it wasn't, why would I even make a character)
2) The character sprites for the beta are from Nao (who I gave credit too)
3) The character sprites for the unleashed version are modified off of Nao (problem solved)
4) The fighting style and dodging system mimics smash bros (You'll see what I mean)
5) The AI may be a bit hard, this will be fixed in the "unleashed" version
6) The beta is very buggy (keyword: beta)
7) And lastly, the character concept is original. He is from my manga/comic.

About Time I Made This Blog

Well, I have been extremely busy recently with a lot of things, but now that I have more time, I think I owe it to myself and any mugen players around to world (just exaggerating a little) to start up again. In other words, I'm back.