Friday, January 25, 2008

Fruits of My Labor

Due to my inability to stay focused on one thing for too long, my 7 hour work block turned into a 5 hour work block, but needless to say, it was productive.

In that time, I finished "Final Editing" for K'oss standing, walking (forward and backward), jumping, and crouching sprites. In addition to that, I did the same for the Fury version. All of this amounted to about 70 or so sprites, so I was very happy.

Spriting wasn't the only thing I focused on during that time period. I also thought how I'm going to make fury mode stand out. As stated in the .74 pre-release document, Fury mode will not have that many moves that differ from the regular mode. So I needed a reason for players to choose Fury instead of wing, HH, or shield.

Well, that's when I used the already coded hit pausing installed in Fury Mode and expanded on it...

NEW IN '0.8

K'oss Fury Mode will now have the passive ability "Combo Burst." This is very similar to Smash chain combo-ing except that requires better timing and takes no special meter to perform.

How it Works? For just about every non-standard attack, if you hit the attack button once again at the right moment (think timed hits), you will unleash a fire burst attack.

However, this can deplete the Discharge bar. More on that later...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

7 Hour Work Block Today

Today, I'm running a computer lab at my college for about 8 hours. Luckily, i only have about 1 hour of homework so the rest of the time, I will spend on sprites and coding.

This 7 hour block should prove to be productive and should bring me that much closer to releasing the next version... If i can stay focused for that long.

And now for the new in '0.8 for today....

NEW IN '0.8

Specials. All non-equipped versions of K'oss will have 2 level 1 specials and 1 level 2.

Once equiped, K'oss gains 1 lv 1 special, 1 lv 2 special, and 1 lv 3 special.

However there are other ways to activate hidden specials.....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And the Award for the Worst Blogger of '07 Goes Too...

In all seriousness, I SUCK.

Sorry to the people that actually come to site, because I have been away fro what... 3 months! Man I suck. And the excuse that my site went down is not good enough.

I've also made so many promises to stay on top of my stuff, but last semester was a rough one (College is unforgiving).

Either way, I wont lie. Most of the time off was spent studying and not working on my characters, but that's all about to change. I will continue from my last post and try to give out informational tidbits every week day (kinda like the SSMBB Blog).

Well this is for starters. The new in '08 segment begins now (get it? version 0.8? HAHAHAAAH)

NEW IN '0.8

From now on, when you activate a mode, it will stay for upcoming matches, similar to how the AI operates.

Well, it's a start right? Well back to spriting. And remember, my email is if you want to help in Project K'oss in any way shape or form. Well, good to be back.