Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For once, I actually have a good excuse

Well, today is the 18th, well past the 16th and you're probably wondering, "where is he? Where is K'oss?" Well when it became crunch time, I really did hit it, HARD. And now, I have paid the price. I stayed awake for a looooong time (over 33 hours) in an attempt to finish editing all 752 sprites that needed to be complete before the 16th. I crahsed, and I burned. Around 400 sprites into it I got really sick missed school, soccer, and of course, my release date. I'm feeling better now, but those days out of school have come with an absurd amount of makeup work, and the days away from the field have made me rusty and fatigued.

So what does that mean for K'oss? It means that I still have around 30 hours of work left to put in on this character and I can't garuntee that I'll have time every day to do this. Few things would make me happier than releasing this character and working on my other projects, but I do not want to make another improbable deadline. I will just have to work at a steady pace until the sprites are done. I will also have to put all my other characters on hiatus and work on this sole project. I feel like I've let some people down, especially myself. But I intend on fixing that problem by getting this done, no matter what it takes.

Friday, April 13, 2007

3 Days Left: It's Crunch Time!

As you know, today is Friday the 13th, and that means.......... that there's only 3 days left
until I release K'oss (and you thought I was going to say something superstitious). Well, let me break it down for you all, I haven't done CRAP as far as sprites in 2 weeks! In other words, it's crunch. I have completed the hair edit for all the sprites, so that leaves the pants, shoes, arm, and glove to edit on about 700 pics. Since today is basically over, I have 2 days (48 hours) to edit 700+ plus pics, granted that sleep and a social life are not factors this weekend.

But I know I can do it. I know I can pull this off. Like I said, it's Crunch Time!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

4 Days Left: The Countdown Continues

With only 4 days left until K'oss scheduled release, I think it goes without saying that I really have to get busy. Unfortunately, it seems like everything possible will get in my way before I can release this character. For the past 2 days I have been sick (headache, vomiting, the works), and now I am swamped with makeup work among other things. Well, at least I have the weekend to work, and to pull this off I'm going to need every minute of it (goodbye weekend plans).

A Little Secret about K'oss - To activate K'oss' more powerful mode, you must be greater then you opponent is every aspect. Only then can you call upon the power of the Kise to transform yourself. You'll see what this means later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5 Days Until Release: The 5 Days of Total K'oss

Today is the April the 11th, 5 days away from the 16th. Each an every one of these days, I will release something related to K'oss whether it be youtbue videos, pictures, or coding secrets. In addition to this, I will also write a little bit about the history of K'oss and he got his name. I may even release a bit of comic later, who knows? With soccer and school consuming all of my time, the release is still looking improbable. But I have a good feeling that I can pull this off.

The First Day of K'oss: The Story of Kirill

Some of you might be wondering, "What or who exactly is K'oss? You talk about him being one of the main characters in your comic but that doesn't really mean anything for someone who has never read it."
Well it's time for me to fix this problem by releasing some info on K'oss and my comic. If you have ever read Bleach or played Kingdom Hearts, you might find some similarities with those two and my comic. While the similarities aren't great, they are there. In my comic, the world (modern) is divided into 3 continents: One ruled directly by royalty, another under the supervision of Dark Area (special task force under royal command), and the other ruled by anarchy.
Without going too much into the politics between the continents, I can tell you that K'oss (Kirill Korolyóv) was one of the greatest warrior to come through Dark Area. He was also one of the original Kage 10 (the 10 most powerful fighters in Dark Area). The greatest honor for a member of the Kage 10 was to be named The "Amatsu Guard" and to serve the royal family. The General (Head of Dark Area at the time) had chosen Kirill (before was known as K'oss) for this great honor. Kirill rejected this offer when it was later bestowed upon him for his own personal reason. The only reason he did this was because...

And that's all for today, If your interested check back tomorrow to read more about the history of K'oss.

On a side note, I changed to the top pic if you didn't already notice. Feel free to comment on it. I really should make that image randomize itself.

Monday, April 9, 2007

April 16 Release Date? Is it Possible?

Well nothing is impossible, but things are improbable, and this is one of them. But I made a promise, and since it's not impossible then I have to try my best to meet it. Let me break things down for you as far as what I've done and what I need to do. I'll do this in the form of a hypothetical FAQ (I love these)

Q: You keep on talking about updates, but the K'oss I downloaded has none of these moves. Why is that?
A: Simple, I have refused to update that download until the next release. After that one, I will be sure to release far more frequently.

Q: What is really stopping you from releasing your character?
A: Well, really just the sprites and the A.I. are the biggest problem, but the bugs are too prevelant to release my character just yet.

Q: Explain the Sprite problem once again please?
A: Certainly. Originally I used Nao's sprites for my character. But that was wrong and I couldn't release a character like that. So now I am working on redoing the sprites with K' as my foundation.

Q: What's with K'oss' rolling/invincible stat?
A: Working on it. It will make more sense when I'm done.

Q: Teleportation is cheap.
A: That's not a question, but yes it is. Or at least it was. I have already fixed that problem thankfully.

Q: What should we expect in this release?
A: Aside from K'oss, you can expect 2 very very early character W.I.P. releases. Aurdor and EM.

Well that's all for now, expect a full detailed update before the release.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I Should Be Ashamed: Production Update

Well, it's true, I should be. I don't want to use the overused "Well I've been busy expression," but, I have been busy. I had a soccer tournament and other things to take care of so yeah, i haven't posted in a while. I really will try to get back on schedule and post regularly (Everyday) like I used to do.

But, my absences does not mean that I have not been working diligently to bring K'oss and a new character to the forefront. That's right, I began work on a new character and developments is moving smoothly. Once again, she is another character from my comic that I will make off of a snk sprite. I was going to make Aka but I decided that Elektra Melantha (Greek for "Dark Flower of Lighting or something like that) would be a much more interesting and possible character to make. It really makes no difference if you haven't read my comic so just know this:

- This character will be electricricity based, (similar to Aurdor, but to a farther extent) and as quick as K'oss. I am using Vanessa from King of Fighters 2003 for the sprites. This is a pic of the edit so far, not too different but the original but I like it.

Expect another post later on today detailing what I've done with K'oss this past week.