Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4000+ Views! And Some New News

First off, we got 4K!

Big acheivement seeing as how K'oss is the only thing on this site.

Secondly, I'm hitting sprites hard now. REAL HARD. I'm doing as many as I can and i've found the best way to keep from getting bored. Now I do other character sprites when I get tired of K'oss.

This means, more work on Aurdor and EM.

Each day (if I can keep it up), I'll be posting up a number of how many sprites I've done for that day. This will keep me from forgetting to work on them.

So far today I've done:

October, 16, 2007----29 Sprites ------

K'oss Original = 14 sprites*
K'oss Fury = 3 sprites*
K'oss Wing = 2 sprites*
K'oss HH = 1 sprite*
Aurdor (Newest version) = 3 sprites*
EM (Newest version) = 6 sprites*

*Tally subject to change until 11:59pm

To give you an idea of how long this takes...

-Converting K' to K'oss takes about 5 and a half minutes give or take 1 minute based on picture difficulty
-Converting K'oss to K'oss Fury takes about 1 and a half minutes
-Converting K'oss to K'oss Wing takes about 1 and a half minutes
-Converting K'oss to K'oss HH takes about 20 seconds
-Converting Another K' to Aurdor takes about 3 and a half minutes
Converting Vanessa to EM takes about 4 minutes

When I'm really focused, I go much faster, but these times include the downtime in between

-Creating a new wing custom pic takes about 7 minutes

....This is why I need a spriter

Monday, October 15, 2007

Version .75 Around the Corner, Important Updates.

First off, before I forget to, I gotta say thanks to a lot of people. Mainly, the people who download and play mugen (not just my character) because thanks to you guys mugen is back in effect.

I also gotta thank creators for really pushing the limits of this engine in what they can do with their characters and coding knowledge. Trying to one up certain characters keeps me constantly on my toes (which is a very good thing).

And I can't forget to thank the people who have helped me directly with this project.

Zeckle - Testing, Coding Assistance, AND A SFF THAT CAN USE PALS!!! (I kid u not)
Liger - Very indepth testing and advice
U-Division - Promoting the character
C-Division - Providing me the K sprites
Mugen-Infantry - Positive Feedback and support
MugenGuild - Ditto

And no, this isn't supposed to be a like an award speech or some bull, this is just giving thanks to those who deserve and should expect it, that is all.

Alright, lets get to it!

.75 will have a completed sprite edit! I will work as hard as a can (especially with fall break coming up) to finish editing these annoying sprites before the end of October (I want that COTM so baaaad).

Like I mentioned earlier, Zeckle has agreed to provide me with a palette-able sff for K'oss. This means a alot trust me! Each mode will have 2 palettes, the regular one, and the hold start palette.

Holding start and selecting you character will automatically put you into your desired mode (YEAH!), but you will not gain the stat bonuses that you would if you chose regularly (WAAH!)

Of course there will be new moves, I don't even have to mentioned that. Level 1 specials will be back, and 1 level 2 special for each mode.

Once you have activated a mode, you will not be able to go back into the activation process (this clears up the C button for the discharge system.)

Small AI updates, but you're gonna have to wait for v.8 for the big updates in that area.

New intros.

A teaser of the HH mode. NOTE! This will be just be regular K'oss with HH mechanics and HH sprites. This is NOT going to be the full mode, just a little teaser to show you how he handles.

TBR OCTOBER 2007! If you like it, don't be afraid to vote in COTM at MI!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

v.74 HAS ARRIVED!!! Wait.... What?

Yeah I know, it's not v.75, but it's close. I am very tired right now due to chemistry and a lack of sleep. I will update you on the meaning of v.74 tomorrow probably. For now, just enjoy the char.

Downlaod K'oss

Now i can get some sleep. Thanks for downloading and supporting.