Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Whole Week Without a Post? Wont Happen Again

Once again, if it counts for anything, I have been extremely busy with multiple things including but not limited to my mugen chars. So let me inform you on the current status all of my creations to as of today.

K'oss (85-90% Ready for Release - 75-80% Complete Overall)
-The Sprites are almost complete, added a few new attacks, added a couple of specials.

Burn (50-60% Complete Overall)
- Still redoing the sprites to get rid of that annoying sprite discoloration problem

Aurdor (20-30% Complete Overall)
- Still working on the sprites

WindWaker (5-10% Complete Overall)
- Still making the sprites

- Still in conceptual stage

- Still in conceptual stage

So as you can see, I have been going crazy the past few weeks editing sprites because all of my characters are in that stage in some way or another. In addition to that I am working on 2 rpg2k3 games (1 solo and one with C-Division and U-Division), and my comic. Those alone are enough to take up all my time, but when you throw having a life in there, things get delayed.

That is why I must say, very sadly and apologetically that I cannot come through on the late march release of K'oss, but I am positive that I can have him ready no later than April 16th.
I'll try my best to keep this promise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Day wasted, Somewhat

Well, I didn't get any work today, but I have a good reason. I was hard at work installing vista, 5 TIMES. I kept installing and reinstalling it trying to choose between the two versions that I bought, Ulitmate and Ultimate 64-bit. When it came down to it, I decided to stay with the 32-bit version due to driver complications.

Now that I'm back and finished installing all my old programs again, I have to say that it is SWEEEEET. But there is one mugen related bug, I can't get fullscreen to work in winmugen, yet. Well, there is still some time left in the day, so back to work I go.

Monday, March 19, 2007

K'oss, You Sure Have a Come a Long Way

NAO, then K'oss , restart with K , and release the new K'oss (UR)

Although the sprite edit is not finished yet, I think I have finally decided on the route that I want to take with K'oss. Even though the Nao version of K'oss looks more like the K'oss from my comic, I had to completely scrap those sprites. First of all, they weren't mine, and secondly I knew that no matter how much work I put into K'oss, he would never get full recognization due to those sprites.

So, after very little deliberation, I called a friend of mine, had him rip K's sprites (I owe you man) and began work again. Now that he is made off of K, the only people I owe credit (besides my friend) are the good people at snk and the makers of mugen/mugen related tools.

Now, the only thing left is to complete these hundreds of sprite edits, release K'oss, and let his A.I. handle the rest.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sprites Have Been Ripped

Sorry for the long downtime inbetween post (I will try my best to make sure that this does not happen again), but it has been another very busy week for me. Now that I am officially on break, I can say that it's time to get to work. A friend of mine has done me a great favor and ripped K's sprites from a "King of Fighters" game (probably 2003, I can't remember).

This means that I can finally start the long and arduous process of making K'oss legal. No matter how long it takes, I will finish modding those sprites and make a fully downloadable K'oss a reality.

Monday, March 12, 2007

2 New Vids Feat. Aurdor

Just up 2 new vids today. Both of them have Aurdor (10%) complete and they both have the non-sprite edited K'oss. If you read the post I just made earlier, you will see that I am planning on taking a whole new route with K'oss' sprites.

About The Equiption Shield
One of K'oss' features will be the ability to change equiptions during battle (real-time-weapon change!!!!). One will be the shield and the other will be the whip. I may ad more, but as of now this is the game plan. The shield is almost impenetrable at the moment, but it is a special meter hog. It is not finished, but expect another shield based special attack in the near future.

Sevin's Lunatis and Moon Embers
These are the only 2 shield based specials I have now, and they are both derived from my comic. I expect to add more on both of these specials, but having the base coding down is a good start. The Moon Embers (second special) was annoying to code and involves over 216 projectiles. In order for it to work, you have to go to mugen.cfg and change the maxprojectile per player limit to at least 250 to be safe. Doing it Big.

In my comic, they are rivals; in mugen, Aurdor gets worked. He only has 10 attacks thus far but expect him to be the evil ryu to Reu's evil ken. He will be good, trust me, but that's all I want to say about him for now.

Go on YouTube and search for K'oss to find some more vids (some by me, some by others).

As always, feel free to comment.

Time to Drop a Burden

Today, March 12 2007, I have decided to drop the burden of Nao's sprites completely. I will rip K's sprites and mod them instead. This will take away all the stigma associated with K'oss and the bad rep that he keeps on getting. This will take some time, so until then, just bear with me. I have had worse setbacks before.

To be honest, I am looking forward to this. The first thing that anyone notices on a character like K, Nao, or Another K is their face. Besides from this, they are very similar. So with that being said, I will try my best to make a new face for K'oss to match the new look that I have been working on thus far. This will make the release that much better.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Production Update 1

I don't know about you, but this has been an extremely busy week for me. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself away from other commitments this weekend and get back to work on K'oss. After watching 300 I was even further inspired to make K'oss the more brutal, and relentless. This is a jist of what I have done this weekend at the time of this post.

-The Cheapness of Teleportation - I made teleportation take 100 special and require a longer downtime
-Energy Shield - Fixed that whole mess of incomplete coding
-High Crush - Fixed the falling part after the completion of that move
-K'oss No longer carries out his phantom attacks if the initial attack is blocked.

Still In Progress:
-Sprite Mod - I don't expect this to be done anytime soon
-The Impossible - I'm still working on making the mid air slam look better.
-Whip Cyclone Special (nonChaotic) - This attack is basically done, but I wont add it until I make the whip equipable.
-Air and Crouching Attacks - If you have used K'oss you've probably noticed that he does not have any crouching attacks and very few air attacks. Currently rectifying that
-Combo Finishers -
These are strange because I don't really think I need them. I made 2 but I don't like them to much. I may delete them and add something in their place
-More Combos - As of now, K'oss has 4 different melee combinations. These are what make him a quick fighter. I plan on having 12 by the next release
-The Whip - A lot to do on this, but making gradual progress


-Sevin's Lunatis (Chaotic?) - This attack comes right from my Comic and is not originally one of K'oss' attacks. This is the only special I have so far that comes out of the Energy Shield. I haven't decided whether or not to call this one Chaotic and make a weaker one or call this one nonChaotic and make a stronger Chaotic version
-Air Cyclone (nonhyper version) - Added two versions of this. There could be an infinity loop when using this attack, but only if your opponent really sucks.
-Back Attacks - Just a variation of the regular attacks when you hold back. Useful because if blocked that give you good separation from your opponent.

To Do List:
Too long to even begin to write. But right now, the biggest monsters I have facing me are the sprite (easy, just VERY time consuming), and his A.I. Once I finish those, I will most likely release an 85% done K'oss if not more.

Sorry for being silent for three days but at least now you know that I was hard at work.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Not Much To Say

Today has been a long day, and not too productive. As far as K'oss devolopment, I have done nothing worth mentioning (meaning nothing at all). I did however, recode 2 of Burn's attacks (like I said, unproductive day).

Well, I know full well that days like this come and go when your working on a project, but I don't intend on leaving you guys without something. I have some unreleased pictures of sprite edits that I have completed for Burn (quite some time ago).

Now you know, that even on slow days, I never let you guys down. Feel Free to comment! Anything you say, positive or negative, (for the most part) is appreciated!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The W.I.P Whip

I am was going through all of K'oss' and sprites and editing them when I realized that I had multiple unused pics ranging from dodges to attacks. The most interesting of these were the whip pictures. Some of the were including in sff that has already been released, but whip attacks have yet to included K'oss' vast collection of attacks.

As of now, I am debating whether to add the whip attacks to this release or just slate them for a later release. The whip idea was from my comic, but the whip looks much different when drawn pixel by pixel in neopaint. The whip design is still up in the air, but, most likely, I will just add a whip special and leave the whip attacks for a later release. Well, back to modding. Feel Free to leave a comment.

Note* Sorry for the late post, I had a soccer game and a lot of homework. I will try to post everyday if possible, but post times may vary.

Monday, March 5, 2007

A Brand New K'oss



As I have already stated, I plan to make some mods to K'oss' sprites to better match the K'oss from my manga/comic. This just displays a juxtaposition of Naox's Nao and My K'oss. Similar? Yes. Identical? Only if your blind. To be honest, Nao looked very similar to K'oss (comic version) and there wasn't much to change.

Right now, I'm more concerned with creating new pics (action poses) and new moves for K'oss. It this ends up being the final sprite mod I do for K'oss, so be it, but you can expect that his coding is nowhere near finished. I think I'll post a production update every Saturday. Feel free to comment.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Controversy Is over, K'oss is back.

After a 5 month hiatus, I decided to revive the red-hair-red-eye-monster that shows no mercy in mugen. Before I go into production details, I thought that I would give you guys a little K'oss History.
K'oss started off as one of the main enemies in my manga/comic but then when I got bored with Burn (other mugen char), I decided to bring K'oss into the mugen universe.

When I decided to make a mugen version of K'oss, I did not want to make my own sprites from scratch. I was not being lazy, I was just sick of pixel by pixel editing on my other chars and getting no where. Instead of making my own sprites I used the sprites from Nao and edited the palette to match my character. This worked out well because Nao looked almost identical to K'oss. The controversy arouse when I put my a beta of my character up on mugenguild to find out that Nao was not just another a snk character but an actual sprite edit (ouch). Long story short, I was banned and my character was flamed to no end. Fustrated, I put K'oss on hiatus and continued to work on burn until I searched the web and found some interesting You-tube videos. People had comments that were praising my character and inquiring about his maker. As a result of the positive response, I took K'oss off hiatus and plan to release a new "unleashed" version sometime this month.

I think it is VERY important that I clarify some things about K'oss:

1) All the coding is original (If it wasn't, why would I even make a character)
2) The character sprites for the beta are from Nao (who I gave credit too)
3) The character sprites for the unleashed version are modified off of Nao (problem solved)
4) The fighting style and dodging system mimics smash bros (You'll see what I mean)
5) The AI may be a bit hard, this will be fixed in the "unleashed" version
6) The beta is very buggy (keyword: beta)
7) And lastly, the character concept is original. He is from my manga/comic.

About Time I Made This Blog

Well, I have been extremely busy recently with a lot of things, but now that I have more time, I think I owe it to myself and any mugen players around to world (just exaggerating a little) to start up again. In other words, I'm back.