Friday, March 7, 2008

All Nighter Update

Well I pulled an all nigher, and amongst other things (owning in UT3 and playing a bit of Fifa08), I squeezed in a couple tedious hours of spriting.

Just to give you the new rundown, I just finished Fury Mode Jumping and regular Mode Jumping. Working on Wing Mode Jumping as we speak.

So now thats
-2142 Sprites
-648 Animations.

This is just to give you an idea of how long this takes that in 2 or 3 hours I was basically only able to edit 21 sprites (well, 42 actually because I had to bring the regulars up to Version 7 spriting).

Well, I have the full day ahead of me, If I can just get out of the common file (walking, getting hit, gaurding, jumping, etc), then I believe I can get some traction going.

Hopefully the next time I post, I will be on finished with the guarding sprites.

A Good Day for spriting

Now, to catch you guys up.

Hopefully you read the previous post regarding the different versions and what not. Well, before today, not one sprite was on version 7. Some were on version 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 what have you.

Well after a days hard work of constant spriting and respriting, I completed no less than 178 sprites.

Can you believe that? I couldn't at first seeing as how I had to redo them so many freaking times due to a pixel i missed or discolored shoe. Either way, the sff doesn't lie, but don't let this confuse you.

Those 178 sprites, are the only ones that have passed the version 7 sprite test, and since version 7 finally includes the Fury and wing sprites, i've basically done about 59 sprites for each mode.

So, i got a long ways to go, but this is what i've done so far.

-Standing for all modes
-Crouching for all modes
-Turning for all modes
-Walking for all modes
-Walking back for all modes
-Running for 2 modes (still version 6 though).

By Tomorrow I want to add these to the list

-All "GetHIT"s for every mode
-Jumping and Landing for every mode
-Guarding (Ground, crouch, air) for every mode

Basically, I want to have every non-attacking sprite edit done with by saturday morning.

Can I do it? Well, we'll see.


Just to let you know, new stats.
-Sprites = 2121
-Animations = 642

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back on the Spriting Grind!

Well, beautifying K'oss is no doubt the most fun I've had working on this character in a loooong time, but like anything else in the character making process, it becomes dull after much repetition.

That is why I have returned to the arduous, tedious, work known only as "SPRITING"

Remember how I said v. 6 was the last version of the sprite edit? Well I lied. I am now on version 7 of the K'oss sprite edit process, and this has to be the last because I just won't change anything else.

Let's recap the different versions that I have gone through thus far shall we?

Version 1: This was just a pants change from K' to K'oss.

Version 2: This is when I decided to make the K'oss original, 2-pointed hair-style. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 3: This is when I added the glove color change from greenish to a darker gray. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 4: This is when I decided to give K'oss Brown shoes, so that in the future, anyone who wanted to make their own pal would have the option of changing his shoe color as well. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 5: This is when I went back and decided to give K'oss 2 red leg bands for further pal customization and to separate him more from the other K' edits. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 6: This is when I took all that I had, and started to work on the wing mode and Fury mode based on the original design. I even told everyone that this would be the last edit.

Version 7: Changed somethings with the arm and leg bands. Redid the long hair wing face, and double checked every sprite for perfection before adding it. This is the last edit.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Rundown As of Now (STATS)

Just thought I would update you guys on some interesting stats That I came across.

K'oss v.74 (the latest avaliable)

-Total Unzipped Size = 12.0mb
-Common1.cns = 69kb
-SFF File = 6.65mb
-Command Input (*cmd) = 128kb
-Helper Common = 27kb
-CNS = 984kb
-AIR = 330kb
-SND = 4.04mb

The Numbers
-Sprites = 1951
-Animations = 496
-Sounds = 118
-Lines of Code in the CNS - 40330

K'oss v.77 (the version I'm working on now)

-Total Unzipped Size = TBD
-Common1.cns = 74.6kb
-SFF File = 6.76mb
-Command Input (*cmd) = 134kb
-Helper Common = 27kb
-CNS = 1.1mb
-AIR = 513kb
-SND = 4.14mb

The Numbers
-Sprites = 2070
-Animations = 600!!!
-Sounds = 121
-Lines of Code in the CNS - 47497

Isn't that amazing? This update is nothing more than a huge bug fix, a reworking of the gameplay of K'oss, and an update on all the sprites and animations (ok, that's alot), but i've only added 1 new move so far.

And I only plan on taking 2 moves out, replacing them, and added the moves that fury mode didn't get in v.74.

Thus making the total number of new moves for v.77 four. But let me tell you, when i release this, you should really go through every single attack because some of them look infinitely better!

I'm still hard at work, i'll post more later.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

K'oss Gets a Facelift

Well, I haven't posted in a while, but i decided to catch you guys up.

Right now, I am currently going over EVERY single move and touching them up. Not only am I doing that, but I am also changing the damage, hit velocity, and in some cases, the entire move itself so that nothing seems stale or useless in K'oss' arsenal.

This is a long process, like spriting, but the rewards are very gratifying. All of the small tweaks and added animations really do add up in the long run.

On unrelated news, K'oss CNS file hit 1mb earlier this week. It's now at 1.1mb, and that's not including the common.

I've added a lot, trust me, but before I can add anymore, K'oss' appearance must be brought up to par with the rest of his features.