Friday, August 24, 2007

New Videos, Spriting over 70% completed.

Well, 2 main things. I found out my very first version of Burn, so I made a retro vid of him. Cool right? And I announced that I will be redoing him (but he's a private char so email me if you want him when he comes out). And I made a video of K'oss v0.7 fighting against some hard enemies.

No, its not the most recent K'oss, but it's the most recent one that I have avaliable for download. V0.8 is still a good bit away from completion (stupid sprites).

Well, here are the vids. Enjoy. Oh, and the reason why the audio/video quality is low is because Fraps stopped working for winmugen for me. So i needs ta fix dat. HyperCam just ain't cuttin it.

Comment Count... 1, BOUT TIME.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

K'oss Hits the BackBurner for a bit, Work on Aurdor and EM Picks up Again.

Well, if you read the post under this, you probably thought "cool, that should work." Buuuuut, it seems that a number of highly downloaded characters that are made in the image of a certain CVS game tend to put their opponent into their own state after each attack. I'm guessing this is to make it more accurate in the game.

Now this would not affect me because I don't have many of these characters, but it's not about me. If it was then I wouldn't be releasing my char would I? Well, until I can resolve how I want to do this (may use some tricky stuff with helpers), my focus on K'oss is shifted to EM and Aurdor.

Both of which are in also in the sprit edit stage (BOOOORING), but it must be done. These characters wont be just like K'oss and should take about 15% of the time K'oss is taking to finish.
That is because the K'oss that I am making for you guys is K'oss unleashed, and will be a boss in my mugen game, Dark Area.

The playable K'oss is toned down alot. I'm still debating on whether or not to release Aurdor and EM. The'll be in the mugen game regardless, but i know some people would want them in their own mugen.

Well either way, I have to work on these chars eventually, so that's what I'm doing at the moment. In case you've forgotten, this is how they look.

I'm not two-toning Aurdor. His pants will match his shirt. Too much work for that. EM is just like K'oss. Shoe edit, color edit, hair edit, glove edit, and a form of face edit (shades). These, unless I do something stupid, are final. These are how these characters look now, and will look.

Expect a little vid of EM and Aurder sometime in the near future. And Expect a post explaining "DARK AREA" sometime even sooner.

I'll say it for the sake of saying it, feel free to comment.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Palette Change as it was Intended to Be

Nowadays, just a bout all mugen characters have multiple palettes (besides from K'oss from yours truly), but how many of them actually change more then just the color scheme when you switch what costume your using? Well? How many? Because I have no idea, but I can tell you, it's not a lot.

That is why I decided to go the extra mile in designing K'oss so that the different equip modes really do take up a personallity of their own. This always fits in with K'oss' schizo nature in my comic in the sense that each equip will not only fight differently and move differently, but also look unique.

The candidates are above, and this one below is the HH (also a candidate but this mac that I'm on is screwin with me and not letting this one go up there with the others).

Starting from left to right:

- Sheild Equip: Or what we know as regular K'oss. Simple and clean. Fights very defensively compared to the other. Lacking a bit in speed. Hit A to activate the mode. This is K'oss as we've known him for sometime now. So I changed nothing.

- Sevin's Wing Equip: This was the second equip made for K'oss. Faster than Zodiac, and Sheild and great at recharging special. Good mix of offense and defense. Only equip that can fly. Hit B to activate this mode. The long-spikeless-hair resembles my comic's K'oss when he is in a calmer state of mind.

- Kaotic Fury Equip: Fast, powerful, and extremely chainable. This equip hits hard. As far as power is concerned it's king (unless you get luck and bring out the SkyScrapper with Zodiac Equip). Only downside is it doesn't add too many unique attacks. It's just for raw power and speed. Hit C to active this mode. I went with a crazier hairstyle for this one to match the fury fighting style. Hard and Fast.

- Whip Equip: Fastest of all the equips and also the hardest to code. My plan is to make its "C" charge as similar to sheiks chain attack from ssmbm. Hard? Yeah, i know, but I can do it. This equip (when coded), along with the HH equip, will offer the most diverstiy in attacks. Hit X to activate this mode. Can K'oss even see with all that hair? Who cares, he doesn't have too.

- Zodiac Equip: Differnt from other equips because the activation will bring out a random weapon (1 choice of 3) that will differ in attack and moves (even more diversity? what is this the UN?). If, by luck, the Zodiac SkyScraper is released, attack quickly, because you wont have long before it consumes. ZSS has insane attack power. Essentially sheild equip with metal armguards.

And that will do it for equips. Comment if you like the ideas or think i should change something. These designs aren't final, but I dont want them to be too complex (too much work). However, I wont be adding any more equips, these 6 will be more then enough.

Well once again, feel free to comment or e-mail me at

*I typed this on a mac, so firefox wouldn't spell for me. Excuse any errors.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Face Game

Well, Despite getting alot done with K'oss Sprites, I also drew up 2 more pics to add the "K'oss Portrait" Fray. I have posted them up on mugenguild (regardless of how much they hated me last year, its still a good site), and I will post them up on Mugen-Infantry when I get the chance.

But of course, I have to post them here as well. Well, I'll just copy the post I made at Mugenguild cuz I'm in a lazy mooood right now.


If you have my char, you've prolly realized that he has no face graphic. Yeah, that's lazy, I know. But I can't decide which one to color and make the face portrait. So... this is where I need your help.

Click here for full pic

Click here for full pic

Click here for full pic

Click here for full pic

These four pics are in order of when they were drawn, and none of them took over 30 mins (the second only took 5, but I still like it). I know the drawing style on each of them is quite different, but thats the good thing about making a portrait for an 8bit pixelatted character, you have room to experiment.

Keep in mind, I will color the one that you choose, so level of detail isn't too big of an issue. The first one is more like the K'oss form my comic, and doesn't have the "horn-type-hairstyle." The second one, is more of an amiable portrayal of K'oss. The third one is how I draw issue covers, very over-exaggerated (eyes, viens, shading, width of mouth, tongue, teeth, hair). And the last one is a calm, focused, K'oss (i used a very "sketchy" drawing style for that one).

I had one more, but it was my realistic type, and... it sucked. So there, I dont feel like drawing any more K'oss pics ATM, so tell me what you think out of these four.

Thanks in advance for your time.


For the official thread I made on mugenguild, go here

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well Still Looking For a Spriter

Today is a good day. I have arrived on college campus, a bit early I might add, and I have put away my comic once again to work on K'oss. As you could have guessed, I spend the past 4 or so weeks focused on my comic and not on K'oss so his progress has been minimal to none.

But do not fear, I am back on the ardous task of sprite editing. I have found away to make K'oss sprite file on mcm and not have worry corrupt sprites. This way is actually a rather LOONG walk-around that will eventually lead to K'oss' sprite file being around 20-30mbs. Oh well, its 2007, we have big hard drives, we can deal with it.

I have decided that working on the modes and AI will be all I will do for v0.8. This may seem like it's not much, but trust, it will be. I can't put down I release date yet, but hopefully, I can make a lot of progress before classes start.

On an unrelated note (but pertaining to the title of the post), I am in desperate need of a spriter. Not that I cannot do it myself (I actually enjoy doing it, just not doing the same thing over 700 times!), but, in order for me to be able to release the "DARK AREA" mugen game that I plan on making, I need to speed up my character development.

If you have any interest in aiding yours truly with some seriously BA character designs send me an e-mail at

Or if you have any other mugen skillz and want to help I-Division grow to what it once was (only mugen related this time around) then send me an e-mail and we'll go from there.

Or, you could just comment. Come on, you would be the first, ever, on this site, ever.... DO IT! >:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where I-Division is, and Where I Plan to Take It

As all of you already know, I am Wavebossa, the leader of I-Division. As most of you don't know but probably could have guessed, I am working solo ATM. I-Division is part of a whole, ICU Gigasoft, a little organization my friends and I started in 2004 to make role playing games off of rpg maker (we were pretty avid rpg fans), but things never really took off the way we wanted.

Back then, our flagship project was Da Runna (working title). It was a revolutionary game that used the rpg maker 2k3 system to make a racing game. I-Division headed the project, and in turn it was my job to make sure everything went according to plan. Back then I-Division was a solid 4 members strong, and ICU Gigasoft as a whole was reaching double digits (9 to be exact). I put a lot of work into that project (insanly hard to program custom racing AI, making ALL the character designs, and making the GUI).

Unfortunately our plan never came to fruition. We were eventually beaten by the limitations of rpg maker 2k3 (In race speed changing, key input processes overriding other events, etc, etc). After DA Runna failed, we lost momentum, and our team members no longer wanted to work on other projects. Before we knew it, ICU gigasoft was down to its 4 core members. Since then, we have evolved to suit our individual specialties. While C-Division and U-Division specialize greatly in RPG maker, I have personally taken upon myself to switch I-Division's main focus to mugen.

This doesn't mean that I do not work on work on other things like my comic and from time to time, rpg games. But it is very hard to make an rpg game by yourself, especially if you have grand designs like myself.

So what is the point of this post? It bascially comes down to this. This is a recruitment call.

What Am I looking For?
-Persons who are well versed in the world of Mugen (coding tips and such)
-Capable Sprite Editors
-Advisors for upcoming projects

I'm a pretty straightforward worker and I enjoy doing things solo, but at the same time, you can only perfect a project through other's advice and input. If anyone who reads this becomes interesting, we can discuss this further.

E-mail me at if interested, and thanks for your time.