Monday, September 24, 2007

Get Ready, v.75 is About to DROP! Pre-Release Statement


"Version 7.5? What about the version 8 that you have talked so much about?"

Yeah, I can imagine that most of you are thinking that, but don't worry, this release has more than enough to constitute for a new version, trust me. My original plan was to release every thing pre-v1.0 in a .x scale, (x being consecutive counting integers, no halves, no fractions). Thats just a fancy way of saying, I wanted to release it all at once. But after remaking my "release-to-do-list" I saw that this was impossible.

Why? Simple, I made a lot of promises without a good foundation. I promised that HH form would at least be available in v.8, I promised that the new costume system would be in effect as well, and I also promised to have a fleshed out A.I.

None of these have been completed for this release (well, the A.I. is better, but not evil-ryu-esque). So what is done? THE FOUNDATIONS!!!

After playing K'oss a lot (yes, I started to actually PLAY mugen again) I noticed a lot of things that should have been fix 3 or 4 releases ago. And I was still going to leave them just out of a laziness! There is something to be said about redoing old moves, I never feel like it.

But, for the sake all who play with/against my char, I have redone a lot in this release. I have fixed tons of bugs (can't say all because there will always be bugs) and I have given the players an actual reason to be excited about the equip system.

In the last release, I really brought the equip system to forefront with the vid I made of it. And it was postively critiscized (rightly so). The problem was, "What was the point?" And to be honest, beside from the equip benefits and a couple of extra moves, there really wasn't one. This has changed drastically. I will wait for my release post to go into more detail, but just know that whatever mode you choose this time around will really affect your style of play.

Probably the most important accomplishment of this release is the number of attacks that I have added. You really can't have an equip system without making tons of attacks to vary each style. I have 2 more moves to make before I release him, but as of now... K'oss v.75 has 18 more attacks than K'oss v.7. Yeah, get ready to combo.

Speaking of combos, K'oss is now an aerial threat. With 8 new combo-able air attacks, 4 more setters (think volleyball, setters hit opponents into to air to start combo attacks), a new and improved "air_pressence" ability, and a much more improved air cyclone, K'oss is just as dangerous from above as he is on the ground.

But back to the equip systems. There may be 18 more attacks this time around, but the equip abilities will prove to be just as important. These ones, I can at least explain.


Wing's Abilities:

Flying - This was already there, but it has been nerfed a little bit. Kinda like Kirby from ssmb/m, The flying effect will decrease with every sucsessive burst. Until you hit the ground, then its back to full

Quick Teleport - Once in the wing mode, teleportation will become much quicker, making it all the more deadly.

Wing Counter - While blocking, you may extend your wing and counter hard, for the price of 1/2 special bar of course. Use the equip key, the dodge key will roll.

Prolonged Sidesteps - All sidesteps/dodges have been prolonged to make them more usefull (seriously, if you get used to it, it becomes seconds nature).

Attack Bonus - With the wing equipped, K'oss' attack goes up to 10%, 2.5% higher then last time around

Defense Bonus
- With the wing equipped, K'oss' defense goes up to 7.5%.

Power Recovery - All modes have been granted a power recovery rate. Wing modes is the highest.

Shield's Abilities:

Energy Shield - By holding the dodge button, K'oss will bring out his energy shield. He is nearly impervious to damage in this mode. It drains special and will only last as long as it covers his body (it shrinks). Another Smash tribute.

Shielded Teleportation - K'oss will have a very short period of protection after teleporting. Good for getting in close to the opponent.

Pushout Counter - Not really a counter, more like "GIMME SOME SPACE, BEOTCH" Haha, sorry for that outburst, typing this is taking a long time. Alright, the pushout counter will just launch a quick shield and push the enemy back in mid attack. This will give some much needed space. 1/4 special cost, no real damage done. Use the equip key, the dodge key will roll.

Defense Bonus - With the Shield equipped, K'oss' defense goes up to 20%. 5% more then in the last release. Making him much harder to kill.

Fury's Abilities:

Hit Pausing - If you're a coder, I don't even need to explain this, but I will anyway. Simply, with Fury Equipped, K'oss will add his own pausetime to every attack (a paustime that he can move through). It's not long at all, but long enough to make countering a little easier.

Athleticism...? - Fury mode runs faster and jumps higher then any other mode

Fire Teleportation - Yes, it's back. The super cheap fire teleportation that K'oss used back in v.5. Well, it has been altered to make it not cheap. It still takes special, and it doesn't more the opponent anywhere, it just deals a very small amount of damage and gives about 4 gameticks of time.

Ignition - While blocking, use the equip button to ignite yourself, and your opponent for a cost of 1/2 special bar.

Attack Bonus - K'oss + Fury Equip = 15% attack bonus. +15% attack bonus + Fury Equip Combo-ing ability = Deadly!!!

Discharge - Aaaaah, not ready yet, will be in 7.6! I promise.

As you can see, there is a lot to be said in this release, but there some things that you wont see in this releas that you have seen before.


All things you see in this list have been changed from in this release.


Air striker in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button
Air cyclone(a & b) in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button
Air Punisher
in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button
Air Roll
in unequipped mode has been doubled over to account for the free button

All Kise attacks have been given a "D, B, F, (attack key)" variation to make them easier to preform.

D, DB, B, a has been remapped for a smash attack. Air pressence is still completable by using D, U

Re-area has been removed, this counter will be upgraded and given to HH mode

Air pressence has been removed and given only to Wing mode

All Hypers have been changed. They all require double buttons now. I did this to discourage using them. They have not been changed at all in over 2 versions. I really want to work on it, but that will come later

Rejuvination mode has been removed for now (it will have a special purpose in the Discharge Release)

Rolling is back, but it can only be done while dodging/blocking and after falling.


Due to the fact that the costume change is not in effect yet, here are some ways to tell the differences (know what K'oss your fighting).

In unequipped form, it's near impossible, but that wont matter. Just know that your fighting K'oss.

Wing Mode - Purple energy flashes, embers have been changed to purple, All Fire Is Now Purple (took forever). Flying ability. Block has purple shield.

Shield Mode - Orange energy flashes, Shield flashes on and off. Block has shield.

Fury mode - Fire around at all times. Screen shakes. Screen flashes. Red flashes. Flame burst around. Double the amount of embers. Has more fire on all of his firebased attacks.


Eh, this post is long enough as it is. I will have the complete attack list and bug fix list along with the release. I will also have my plans for the next few releases. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing (or more, hopefully more). Enjoy the new version when he comes. Which should be tomorrow at the latest.

I'll make a new video too, but that may have to wait until the weekend (I have a TON of homework)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Not much to say

I've been away for a bit, trust me, I know. But college classes and college parties are a whole new time consumer. I really haven't done too much work on K'oss since my last post concerning the spriting progress, but that is about to change. I've gauged my work load, work hours, and party time (I love my schedule), and I still have to fit some some good ole Mugen programming in there as well. I guess my little week long hiatus is over and its time to go back to work, in moderation.

Aside from that, I think I may have found a potential spriter, but I wont count my chickens before they hatch or w/e that's supposed to mean. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress and devolopements as best as I can.

On a side note, I was on National TV! (well, hasn't everyone been at some point?). Vanderbilt vs Richmond (yeah, not on espn's top priority, but w/e), when t he class of 2011 rushed out, I was one of the first one's out the gate with my yellow commodore wig and full gold body paint. It was pretty sick to say the least.