Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Rundown As of Now (STATS)

Just thought I would update you guys on some interesting stats That I came across.

K'oss v.74 (the latest avaliable)

-Total Unzipped Size = 12.0mb
-Common1.cns = 69kb
-SFF File = 6.65mb
-Command Input (*cmd) = 128kb
-Helper Common = 27kb
-CNS = 984kb
-AIR = 330kb
-SND = 4.04mb

The Numbers
-Sprites = 1951
-Animations = 496
-Sounds = 118
-Lines of Code in the CNS - 40330

K'oss v.77 (the version I'm working on now)

-Total Unzipped Size = TBD
-Common1.cns = 74.6kb
-SFF File = 6.76mb
-Command Input (*cmd) = 134kb
-Helper Common = 27kb
-CNS = 1.1mb
-AIR = 513kb
-SND = 4.14mb

The Numbers
-Sprites = 2070
-Animations = 600!!!
-Sounds = 121
-Lines of Code in the CNS - 47497

Isn't that amazing? This update is nothing more than a huge bug fix, a reworking of the gameplay of K'oss, and an update on all the sprites and animations (ok, that's alot), but i've only added 1 new move so far.

And I only plan on taking 2 moves out, replacing them, and added the moves that fury mode didn't get in v.74.

Thus making the total number of new moves for v.77 four. But let me tell you, when i release this, you should really go through every single attack because some of them look infinitely better!

I'm still hard at work, i'll post more later.

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U Division said...

Sounds like K'oss is going through some changes.