Friday, March 7, 2008

A Good Day for spriting

Now, to catch you guys up.

Hopefully you read the previous post regarding the different versions and what not. Well, before today, not one sprite was on version 7. Some were on version 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 what have you.

Well after a days hard work of constant spriting and respriting, I completed no less than 178 sprites.

Can you believe that? I couldn't at first seeing as how I had to redo them so many freaking times due to a pixel i missed or discolored shoe. Either way, the sff doesn't lie, but don't let this confuse you.

Those 178 sprites, are the only ones that have passed the version 7 sprite test, and since version 7 finally includes the Fury and wing sprites, i've basically done about 59 sprites for each mode.

So, i got a long ways to go, but this is what i've done so far.

-Standing for all modes
-Crouching for all modes
-Turning for all modes
-Walking for all modes
-Walking back for all modes
-Running for 2 modes (still version 6 though).

By Tomorrow I want to add these to the list

-All "GetHIT"s for every mode
-Jumping and Landing for every mode
-Guarding (Ground, crouch, air) for every mode

Basically, I want to have every non-attacking sprite edit done with by saturday morning.

Can I do it? Well, we'll see.


Just to let you know, new stats.
-Sprites = 2121
-Animations = 642

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