Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back on the Spriting Grind!

Well, beautifying K'oss is no doubt the most fun I've had working on this character in a loooong time, but like anything else in the character making process, it becomes dull after much repetition.

That is why I have returned to the arduous, tedious, work known only as "SPRITING"

Remember how I said v. 6 was the last version of the sprite edit? Well I lied. I am now on version 7 of the K'oss sprite edit process, and this has to be the last because I just won't change anything else.

Let's recap the different versions that I have gone through thus far shall we?

Version 1: This was just a pants change from K' to K'oss.

Version 2: This is when I decided to make the K'oss original, 2-pointed hair-style. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 3: This is when I added the glove color change from greenish to a darker gray. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 4: This is when I decided to give K'oss Brown shoes, so that in the future, anyone who wanted to make their own pal would have the option of changing his shoe color as well. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 5: This is when I went back and decided to give K'oss 2 red leg bands for further pal customization and to separate him more from the other K' edits. I thought this would be the last one.

Version 6: This is when I took all that I had, and started to work on the wing mode and Fury mode based on the original design. I even told everyone that this would be the last edit.

Version 7: Changed somethings with the arm and leg bands. Redid the long hair wing face, and double checked every sprite for perfection before adding it. This is the last edit.

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