Saturday, February 23, 2008

The nintendo inspired fighting DNA

Big changes!

This past month, i have been thinking of what i want to do with K'oss to make him even more special. Well, after placing 4th in the Vandylan 2008 smash tournament (out of over 80!), i decided that K'oss needs some pro-ness!

Changes? You bet. SSBM inspired? Count on it.

Welcome to the world of PRO

Free Falling
-More control over the speed and direction of your falling (different equips will perform this better or worse)

Dash Dancing/Dodge Canceling/Crouch Canceling
-Dash dancing can only be done in HH mode due to him being the only mode that runs in both directions. basically, it's just to confuse opponents, but since mugen is mainly vs computers, it has it's other uses.... hehe (you'll see, it's GENIUS!)

-Dodge Canceling is used to cancel out of the after frames (frames after contact) of an attack. More on this later

-Crouch Canceling can be done with all equips besides from HH mode. Works on dash jumps. Crouch immediately afterwards to regain control instantly. Works best with Wing mode due to the way he dashes.

Dodge Dashing
-Same Idea behind the wave dash (youtube it). Now that you can control the aerial dodge in v.80 and up, you can now jump and when you come down dodge downward diagonally to gain about 4 ticks of invincibility and a good slide.

-This is the short hop of mugen (as far as i'm concerned :)). With the new slide physics coding, this is done on a crouch slide. Let me explain. First you run, then you crouch, and while crouching, you hit up to jump. Result? A longer, shorter (height wise), jump that has special affects on certain attacks.... you'll see.

There's more, but they are all still in the conceptual stage. More to come later!

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