Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Through the Ashes of Fire, Comes New Life

K'oss is now entering the final stages of preperation before the big v.8 release, and I must say, losing K'oss was the best thing that happened to this character.

Have you ever worked on something, lost your work, and restarted only to find that you have greatly improved upon the original? Well that pretty much sums up the status of K'oss v.8. After I lost K'oss to a HDD failure, I have been able to recreate him from the bottom up, updating all of his moves, sprites, and redoing some much needing coding updates.

All in all, I am shooting for a release date of Olympic poroportions, 8/8/08 for vesrion.8, but that will depend on many, many factors. For now, I do have an older video I made a month ago showing some of the progess I have made on my flagship character, enjoy.


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